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8. When should I mute my AI Assistant?
8. When should I mute my AI Assistant?

Best practice for muting the lead in Structurely

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If you have not made personal contact with the lead either by phone or they have not responded to Structurely AI Assistant it is not recommended to mute your AI Assistant as a years worth of drip campaigns will be stopped.

Muting The Assistant

If you have made personal contact with the lead via phone or other messaging, you can mute the lead in Structurely by clicking on the orange "Mute AI Assistant" button in the Homechat Messages page.

Or by clicking on the Robot icon in the Structurely App.

Muting Identification Labels

You can see if the AI was muted manually by a team member, or if the AI muted itself due to the nature of the conversation by the labels applied in the conversation. You can see in this example that this lead was muted automatically.

Unmuting the Assistant

Because the AI follows the conversation in order to keep track of how to respond next, or to know which drip message to send out - when you mute the AI and pull it out of the conversation, it can't always pick back up where it left off. You can attempt to un-mute the AI, but it's very likely that it will not pick back up on this conversation at all. We highly recommend muting the AI only once you no longer require the assistant's follow-up.

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