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Artificial Calendar Appointment Scheduling
Artificial Calendar Appointment Scheduling

Your AI Assistant can schedule appointments with static calendar availability! Structurely will send an email notification to leads/agents.

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πŸ‘‹ Still want your Structurely AI Assistant to offer up appointment options without syncing a calendar?

Your AI Assistant can coordinate appointment requests from leads based on your preset scheduling preferences!

[sample image of email notification here]

To begin utilizing this feature, you will need to navigate to the "My Integrations" section (HERE) within your HomeChat account settings.

πŸ‘‡ You will need to toggle ON the "Artificial Scheduling" integration:

& confirm that you wish to activate as shown below.

Please note, you will only receive appointment notification emails from Structurely if that permission has been granted HERE:

⚠️ Update your Availability via appointment settings ⚠️

When using the artificial appointment-setting process via Structurely, it is crucial to ensure that your appointment settings are up-to-date!

⏲️ First, you'll want to ensure that your appointment duration (the expected length of each appointment) is accurate:

πŸ—ΊοΈ Double-check that your Time Zone is correct as well:

πŸ“† And MOST importantly, mark the days / times that you are open to appointments!

Selecting "All" on the left-hand panel will automatically mark all 7 days of the week as available (Can Schedule) at the selected time. πŸ‘‡

Please note that selecting "9 am" will open up all possible appointment times from 9:00:00 - 9:59:59 am, and so on throughout the day.

(The default preset timing should align with 8:00 am - 4:59 pm EST)


How do I know when an appointment has been booked?

The agent AND the lead will receive an email from Structurely with a calendar invite.

Does the AI Assistant actually work within my scheduled availability?

Yes, your AI Assistant will honor the parameters you've updated within your Appointment Settings (and will take into consideration the duration of each appointment to stay within the allowed hours)

How many different appointment times will be offered based on my Calendar?

Typically 4 options are presented initially, these may be same-day or a variety of days/times within your preferred time block(s).

Can my AI Assistant handle rescheduling or cancelling appointments?

Any rescheduled or cancelled appointments must still be handled manually between the agent and the lead. 🚧

How does this impact the Live Transfer feature?

If your lead is within the scheduling flow, live transfers will no longer be triggered; there is no other impact to how Live Transfers work aside from those conversations that have shifted to an ongoing attempt to book an appointment.

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