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Live Transfers from your Structurely AI Assistant
Live Transfers from your Structurely AI Assistant

Did you know that your AI Assistant will connect you - by phone - with leads that need follow up within Structurely? Learn more >>

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Heads up! πŸ‘€ If you haven't already, be sure to check out the "Outbound & Inbound Voice Calls" page before reading through this article.

⏳ Okay, all set?

Our Live Transfer feature empowers your Structurely AI Assistant to automatically initiate a voice call (in the hopes of establishing a live transfer) when a lead "needs follow up" during your preset business hours!


So, what exactly triggers your AI Assistant to decide that a certain lead / conversation requires immediate follow up?

Excellent question! 🧠

If any of the following queries or urgent requests are noted by your AI Assistant throughout the course of the conversation, we will attempt to reach the assigned agent by phone and start up the live transfer:

Contact Agent - "please have the agent follow up with me directly"

Contact Agent Phone - "I want the agent to call me"

Contact Agent Email - "tell the agent to email me"

Agent Follow Up - encompasses a range of scenarios, often utilized if a specific question is beyond the assistant's ability to answer accurately.

Working With Colleague - "I am already working with Agent Name"

Ask About Commission - "what is the commission charge to work with you all?"

Unknown Question - another classification your AI assistant may use when encountering an unusual query.

Find Property Info - requesting specific stats or details on a certain property.

Market Stats - "how is the market looking in Ames, IA at the moment?"

Find Estimated Value - "I just want an approximate home value on my current property"

Find Similar Properties - "I really liked 123 Main Street, can you show me homes that are more like that?"

Pending Sale Interest - "We were set on 333 Beech but it seems to be under contract at the moment"

We will continue to our standard stage notifications for all applicable Agent Follow-up scenarios, including the less time-sensitive situations not included in the list above.

As an agent, what can I expect when I receive a live transfer call?

You will see an incoming call from your AI Assistant's number - we recommend adding this into your contacts for easy recognition! ☎️

Once you answer the call, you will hear a brief summary of the lead based on the information that the AI has collected thus far in the qualification process:

"You will be connected with {Lead Name}. This call will be recorded. {Lead Name} is looking for:

  • Price range of $350,000

  • Location = Ames, Ankeny

  • Beds = 3"

⚠️ As mentioned above, there does have to be an agent assigned to the lead in order for this feature to function properly. ⚠️

  • If not assigned, our system will randomly choose an agent based on the users within your organization that are marked "available" based on their selected hours of operation:

  • You can view the assigned agent & manually assign (or re-assign) an agent to a specific lead within HomeChat using this icon at the upper right-hand side of the conversation history πŸ‘‡

  • For incoming leads via Salesforce + HubSpot we will automatically assign the contact owner as the assigned agent (as long as the agent's email within Structurely matches their email value within the CRM)

  • Similarly, incoming leads from Follow Up Boss + Boomtown will assign agents based on the specified buying agent (or selling agent) within the CRM when possible.

All normal Structurely communications + text responses will still be sent out to the lead:

☝️ The next message will be sent simultaneously alongside
the start of the attempted live transfer.

This feature is integrated within all Structurely accounts at this time - please let us know if you do not wish to receive the live call activations and we can turn this feature off on a per-account basis.

Questions or other issues? Shoot us a message via the little floating live chat bubble in the bottom right of this page πŸ˜ƒ

Or you can send an email to and we will get back to you!

πŸš€ The Structurely Team

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