HomeChat Dashboard Anatomy
HomeChat is the Structurely dashboard where you can view your account settings, lead messages, success metrics, and much more!
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Log into your Structurely account HERE to visit your HomeChat Dashboard, which should look something like this πŸ‘‡

The most important tools for maneuvering within Homechat are your navigational icons!

These are located on the left-hand side of your screen, and whichever section you are currently accessing will be indicated with the white icon.


View an at-a-glance overview of your Structurely AI assistant’s lead qualification progress thus far with the breakdown of lead by stage (responded, unresponsive, interested / not interested, needs agent follow up)



See the ongoing conversations that your Structurely AI assistant is having! From this section, you have the ability to insert a manual reply mid-conversation, mute the AI assistant if you prefer to take over communication at any point, and view the lead’s notated preferences.

You have the ability to filter the viewable conversations using the dropdown menu as shown below - the default view will include all β€œOpen” conversations. Learn more about your filtering options here!



View data records, search, and/or apply bulk actions to leads within your Structurely account.



View your AI Assistant's success metrics within Structurely!

In addition to a snapshot overview of your lead qualification pipeline, this section displays values such as your engagement rate, number of messages sent, and leads that are ready & agent-engaged.


Lead Sources

Primarily used to configure your initial account setup during onboarding.



Enrollment Rules = Set rules to allow leads to be enrolled into Structurely (or not)

Local Presence Settings = Enable the AI to communicate with your leads using local presence

Script Assignment Rules = Set the scripts that each type of unique lead should use

Lead Rules = Use lead routing rules to automatically assign incoming and qualified leads to your agents, team or brokerage



This section is where you will find any custom scripts or answers that have been constructed within your account.

We highly recommend reaching out to help@structurely.com if you are looking for custom scripting or specific responses that are worded a certain way!



An overview of the agent(s) and team(s) currently associated with your Structurely account; includes the option to β€œLogin As” downline agents for admin users.



Will link you directly to our support site, help.structurely.com



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