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Filter by Type, Source, Stage and Assigned Agent to find the leads you're looking for

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Looking for certain leads? Slice and dice your view of the leads Structurely AI Assistant is engaging using the following filters 👇 

Filter Types:

  • Types
         -  Assigned / Unassigned
         -  Open / Closed
         -  Muted / Unmuted
         -  Agent Engaged / Not Engaged

  • Source
         -  Text
         -  Facebook
         -  Live Chat
         -  Email (form)

  • Stage
         -  Lead Has Not Responded
         -  Lead Has Responded
         -  Lead is Interested
         -  Lead is Not Interested
         -  Lead needs Agent Follow-Up

  • Assigned Agent
         -  Filter by Agent
         -  Filter by Team

Filter Basics


👉  The DEFAULT Filter applied within your Conversations view is "Open"👇 

This means that you can now close a lead, and that lead will be "hidden" from your default view.

👉  If you want to see ALL leads, simply remove all the filters 👇 

Creating Advanced Filters

You can combine Filters to create advanced lists of leads. Here are a few examples:

👉  Filter By: Leads that Need Agent Follow-up, but haven't been followed-up with yet👇 

👉  Filter By: Leads that are Interested, but where your AI Assistant has not yet been Muted👇 

👉  Filter By: Leads that have Responded, have been Assigned to an agent, but have Not Been Engaged by that Agent👇 

🎊 Use filters to find the right leads you're looking for!

If you have any issues regarding a Filter please reach out to our Support Team at

🚀 The Structurely Team

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