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Salesforce + Structurely Integration Overview (Legacy)
Salesforce + Structurely Integration Overview (Legacy)

Connect your Salesforce CRM to Structurely

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Manage Structurely, entirely through your Salesforce 🎊

  • Send leads directly from Salesforce to Structurely to engage

  • See the entire Structurely conversation in Salesforce

  • Take over from Structurely AI and respond yourself from Salesforce

  • See details and create Salesforce Reports using Structurely data


  1. Connect your Salesforce to your Structurely account here

  2. Add the Structurely AI Assistant Lightning Web Component (LWC) to whatever object you want to see it on in Salesforce

  3. Manually enroll Objects in Salesforce to Structurely

  4. (OPTIONAL) Create a Salesforce Flow to automate lead enrollment


Full Structurely + Salesforce integration setup guide

Find the Stucturely App on the Salesforce AppExchange here

(the App is also search-able through the AppExchange)

Click "Get it Now"

Select which Salesforce environment you wish to install the app in (production or sandbox) and the correct connected Salesforce account

❗ NOTE: you must have a account to browse and install from the AppExchange (this is a requirement of all Apps and it will automatically connect to your Salesforce account)

Click "Confirm and install"


Now, decide how you'd like to handle overwriting potentially duplicate named Objects in Salesforce (we recommend the bottom toggle to replace them if they exist)

And decide where you'd like the App installed (we recommend it for All users, however, this will install for all users in your org if you're an admin)

Then click "Install"

The package should now have been installed successfully, click "Done"

After the App installs successfully, you'll see it in Salesforce Setup > Installed Packages

Log in to your Structurely account and go to Settings > Integrations > Click the Salesforce toggle

From the Salesforce integration window, click "Enable"

Click the environment you wish to integrate with Structurely

NOTE: this environment will need to be the same as where you installed the App in your Salesforce instance

Click "Allow" in the pop up asking to let Structurely access your Salesforce

In the Salesforce Configuration tab, you'll now see all the Structurely fields that can be mapped to your connected Salesforce fields - here you will simply map them

The most important field is Required - decide which Salesforce Object you'd like to be used to create leads to be engaged by Structurely

For example: below shows selecting Contact Salesforce objects, which will be created as engaged leads in Structurely assuming you've initiated a conversation

(custom objects can be used for this mapping as well)

Map the rest of the fields that you'd like from Salesforce

All are optional, however Structurely won't engage any leads without a phone and/or email

Scroll down in the integration window, then turn on all 5 required Workflows

Click out of the Salesforce integration box, or the "X" button

🎊 Congrats, you've now connected and mapped your Structurely and Salesforce accounts!

Let's take a breather 🌬️

Adding the Structurely Component to Salesforce

Back in Salesforce, go to a record of the Object you mapped to create Structurely leads with (e.g. Contacts) and click Setup dropdown > Edit Page

From the Edit Page module, search Structurely then click and drag the Structurely AI Assistant onto the Object page where you wish to view it

You should now see the Structurely Lightning Web Component (LWC) on your page. Click save and exit

🎊 Congrats! You can now manage Structurely from Salesforce. Your configuration is complete

Uninstalling the App and Integration

To un-link the integration, go to Structurely > Settings > Integrations and click the blue toggle next to the Salesforce box

Scroll to the bottom and click "uninstall"

To uninstall the App from Salesforce, go to Setup > Installed Packages > Click uninstall next to the Structurely package

Scroll through the uninstall details page to the bottom and select how you want to retain your data, agree to the conditions and click uninstall

You may be prompted to uninstall the Lightning Web Component from the Object page where you installed it, you must do that in order to successfully uninstall the package

e.g. here we have the LWC still installed on the Contact page, which must be removed first

You'll now see the Structurely package move to the uninstalled section

You've successfully uninstalled the Structurely Package

❗ πŸ‘‡

As always, reach out to if you need assistance with the Salesforce and Structurely setup configuration.

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