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Starting and managing an AI conversation from Salesforce
Starting and managing an AI conversation from Salesforce

You've installed and connected Structurely for Salesforce - now get a conversation started with your records

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❗ You must have completed the Salesforce setup configuration guide before continuing with this guide


  1. Click "enroll in Structurely" and select an option from the default conversations

  2. Map Custom or Default scripts in Structurely to Script Rules to trigger the correct Conversation

  3. See the conversation in Salesforce, mute it, and respond yourself

Full Structurely AI Assistant Conversation start and management setup

From the Salesforce Object page you connected to create Structurely leads with (and where you installed the Lightning Web Component (LWC)) click "Enroll in Structurely"

Click the Conversation dropdown and select the type of conversation you want to start

Click Enroll


In Structurely, the values passed from Salesforce in the Conversation dropdown are passed in as Tags - you can create custom Script Rules to map this tag to a specific script in Structurely

Here, when the conversation starts with "buyer" from Salesforce, it is mapped as a tag and selects the Form Registration Buyer default Structurely script to start

You'll now see a conversation has been started with your lead (using the Script selected by a matching Script rule in Structurely)

You can view your AI Assistant's messages and your leads' messages from the LWC window

To mute/take over a conversation from the AI Assistant, click the 3 dots in the top right of the LWC window, and click "Mute AI Assistant"

(From the 3 dots dropdown, you can also refresh the conversation and start a new conversation - which will be detailed in a separate future guide)

You can now see that the AI Assistant was muted in the conversation

To respond yourself, you can type your message in the Send message box, and click send

❗ NOTE: manually responding as yourself when a conversation is active with the AI Assistant will auto-mute the AI

You can see your response designated in the conversation window

All activities and messages that you see in Salesforce are synced back to Structurely as well (and vice versa) so all actions between the 2 systems are synchronized

🎊 Congrats! You've successfully had your AI Assistant engage a lead from Salesforce and you've managed it right from within Salesforce as well

As always, if something didn't work or you have further questions please contact us at

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