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Learn how to target a specific lead type, category or criteria with a custom script built just for them!
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👉First, go to your Scripts tab👇

Next, create a custom script to user for your specific lead type, category or criteria by either creating a new script or duplicating one of our default scripts by clicking the 3 dots on the right

For more information on creating a custom script, click here!

👉Once you have a custom script ready to use, go to the Rules page👇

Click create at the top to create a new Script Assignment Rule

Name your new Rule and choose the script you would like to use for this Rule

Next, add in the lead criteria for the lead type or category that you would like to use this script for.

In this case, all leads from the source ""

You can add in multiple different criteria for one Rule

Once you have named, specified the custom script to use, and added criteria for your new Script Assignment Rule - click Submit.

You will now see your new Script Assignment Rule in the list of Custom Rules!

Don’t forget to toggle your Rule on once it’s ready!

Use the side arrows to reorder your Custom Rules

Note the Rule at the top of the list has the highest priority, meaning when the lead comes in we will match what script to use for that lead based on the Rules order from top down

You have now built your own Custom Script and Script Assignment Rule to help us communicate with your leads exactly how you want!

If you have any questions you can send an email to and I'll get back to you!

Happy closings!

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