👋 Hello! So Structurely AI Assistant just qualified a new lead for you and now you want to assign it to another agent in your team or brokerage. Here's how to do so:

👉 First, login to your Dashboard here

👉 Then, click on the lead you want to assign.

👉 Now, from that lead's conversation, select the "People" Icon in the top right nav bar and you will see a dropdown. From that dropdown, simply click on the agent's name you want to assign the lead to.

🎊 Hoorah! You've assigned that lead to another agent!

Here's how to monitor that lead

👉 First, click the drop down icon next to "All Conversations". Then, click the "Agent Filter" button

👉 A pop-up will appear with your agents or teams. Select which agent or team's leads you want to view, then click "Apply Filter"

❗ NOTE: This Filter allows you to see ALL of your agent and team's leads, not just the one's you've assigned them. ❗ 

How to Confirm and Follow-Up

The agent or team you just assigned the lead to will now get a push notification via our app, and email, notifying them a lead was assigned to them.

❗ NOTE: The assigned agent will also now see that lead within their own personal Dashboard, which is where they will follow up themselves ❗ 

Nice work! Your new Structurely AI Assistant lead is now assigned to a colleague to follow up with and close 💰 

If any of these steps didn't work our for you, please shoot us a message via the floating message bubble in the bottom right hand corner, or send me an email at help@structurely.com

Happy closings!
🚀 The Structurely Team

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