By default, Aisa Holmes is how your AI lead assistant will refer to itself. It will also refer to itself as working as an assistant, or for the office of <<yourself, your team, or your broker>>.

🎊You can now customize Aisa Holmes' first name! Here's how:🎊 

👉 First, select the "Settings" icon. Then, select "Holmes Settings" 👇 

👉 Now enter the name you want Aisa Holmes to refer to itself as instead! (Maybe don't use Hal 😉 ) Then click "Save Changes" 👇 

Congrats! You just changed Aisa Holmes' name to something awesome!

Test it out!

Now with your new spiffy name, go send your AI ISA a message on one of your connected lead sources. It will now respond using the name you just gave it!

If it responded using "Aisa Holmes" still please shoot us a message and we can help out!

Happy closings!
🚀 The Structurely Team

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