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STEP 4: Understanding Structurely Stage Tags in Follow Up Boss
STEP 4: Understanding Structurely Stage Tags in Follow Up Boss

Structurely's Tagging System Within Follow Up Boss, Explained

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Included in Structurely's integration with Follow Up Boss is a tagging system that you can use to track the status of your leads as they progress through their qualification journey. You can use these tags to run reports or trigger automations from within Follow Up Boss - which makes their versatility almost endless!

Setting Up the Tagging System

If you have already enabled the integration with Follow Up Boss within your Structurely "Integrations" page - you are all set! That is all that is required.

If you haven't done this yet - check out this quick article.

How It Works

When your Structurely assistant starts a conversation with a new lead, we will initially apply the following two tags:

  • Structurely: Active

  • Structurely: Unresponsive

These tags signify that the Structurely has started a conversation, but that lead has not yet responded. As your leads move through the qualification journey, Structurely will update these tags as appropriate.

The Tags We Apply

  • Structurely: Active

    ⚠️ (removing this tag on a responsive lead will mute the assistant).

  • Structurely: Not Interested

  • Structurely: Interested

  • Structurely: Responded

  • Structurely: Unresponsive

  • Structurely: Needs Follow Up

    Fully qualified leads, or a lead with a specific question or concern will get this label. You can tie automations to this label as well, triggering additional follow-up by your team or workflows.

You can filter by the "Structurely" tags directly in Follow Up Boss to pull metrics or use them to power automations. For example, you can set up an automation so that anytime a "Structurely: Needs Follow Up" tag is applied, a note gets added, and an agent is notified. You will also be able to see the full conversation notes in FUB under the "Notes" for the contact.

The "Structurely: Active" tag will remain as long as the assistant is still in an active conversation and has not been muted.

To manually mute the AI Assistant from within Follow Up Boss, you can simply remove the "Structurely: Active" tag. This will mute the lead, and stop all future communications including drips.

To learn more about muting your assistant - check out this quick article.

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