Onboarding your AI Assistant

These are the steps you take to configure your AI Assistant as a new Structurely User.

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New to Structurely? Welcome! Here are the steps to complete setup for your Structurely AI Assistant.

Phase 1

Time estimate: < 20 minutes

Login to your Structurely account (after confirming your email address during the sign-up process). Login url: https://accounts.structurely.com/#/login

Watch onboarding videos:

  • Initial Settings

  • Dashboard Basics

    • This is a great training video for any team members that will be working in Structurely!

Configure your AI Assistant (NOTE: all steps outlined in the Initial Settings video above!)

  • Name your AI Assistant

  • Setup AI Assistant Phone Number & Email

  • Enter your API Key (if applicable)

Email your W-9 to help@structurely.com to register your business to your AI Assistant phone number.

Phase 2:

Click on the CRM you use in the list below to be linked to the Phase 2 Steps for you!

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