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💭 Structurely Quick Facts
💭 Structurely Quick Facts

Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked about our AI assistant to help get you started! 💡

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🟢 How much will the AI know initially?

  • Typically leads come through to us with a Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Lead Type, and Lead Source on file. If your lead source provides additional details (such as an address, zipcode, etc.), we may be able to set that up as well.

🟢 What happens if I jump into a conversation before the lead is Agent Ready?

  • Best practice is to not to jump into the conversation until the lead is fully qualified, or an appointment has been set. Jumping into the conversation will mute the assistant, and unmuting will not guarantee that drip campaigns and follow up messages continue as originally planned. We recommend reaching out to the lead alongside of the assistant, and only muting the AI once you make contact with that lead.

🟢 What if someone asks to be “removed” or says they are “not interested”?

  • If someone says “remove” or "stop" the AI will mute itself and won’t send any more messages. This is essentially an opt-out, and we cannot continue a conversations once they have opted out. If they say they aren't interested right now - we will enroll them in a "reconnect later" campaign.

🟢 Can I delete leads?

  • No, you cannot delete a lead. However, you can “Close” their conversation and it will omit the lead from your Messages view. You can still pull up this lead in the "Leads" page, but it won't be cluttering up your "Messages" panel.

    ⚠️ Please Note: Closing a lead does not automatically mute the assistant. You will want to mute the assistant prior to closing if you want the conversation to end.

🟢 What happens if someone calls the AI’s cell phone number?

  • The call will automatically forward the phone listed in your account settings.

  • The call will ring through from and appear as the lead’s phone number - not the AI’s

🟢 Why don’t you drip past a year?

  • Texting laws prohibit follow-up after the opt-in phase expires. This is typically 12-18 months after they initially opt-in.

🟢 Will you mention the lead source in the script?

  • We automatically mention a few mainstream lead sources by name, if the CRM is communicating that lead source to us - such as Facebook, Zillow,, and Trulia for example.

  • If the lead comes from a different source, or we don’t know the source, we will default to “our website”.

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