👋 You've just setup your account, but Structurely AI Assistant has no leads to respond to yet...this guide will help you fix that.

You will need to be logged into HubSpot and Structurely to get started...

👉 In Structurely - Click on the "Settings" cog in the lower left corner of the screen, and then on "Integrations" 👇

👉 Toggle "ON" the HubSpot Integration

👉 Switch to the "Configuration" tab, and set the following toggles to "on", then click on the "X" in the top left corner to save and exit

- NOTE: You can turn on "New Contact" but this will engage Structurely on ALL new contacts. So this is only applicable to certain use-cases.

Now Let's Hop Over To HubSpot

In order to start engaging Structurely, we need to add a custom property to HubSpot. This property can be added to your current automations to make sure that your Structurely assistant engages immediately, when triggered by your HubSpot setup.

Setting the Custom Property -

👉 Click on the settings cog in the top right hand corner of your screen.

👉 Under "Data Management" - Select "Properties"

👉 Now click "Create Property"

👉 We want to create a "Contact" property that matches what you see below exactly. The property is enroll_in_scructurely - click "Next" when done.

👉 For the "Field Type" - Select "Drop Down Select"

👉 For this example, we will create a "New Buyer" tag. You can add as many options as you want here. If you plan to send in different types of leads, you can set up an option for each conversation type. For now, let's just set up "New Buyer". Click "Create" when done.

Now, Let's Hop Back Over to Structurely One Last Time...

We created a Property, and a Field in HubSpot - but we need to tell Structurely what to do with that Field we created. That controls which conversations are applied. In this case, we want to tell Structurely that when it sees a lead come in from HubSpot with "New Buyer" assigned - we want that person to get a "New Buyer" script.

⭐ Let's setup a rule for our new lead type!

👉 From your Structurely account, click on the "Rules" Icon on the left menu bar, and then select "New Rule".

👉We will name this rule "New Buyer" and add criteria "Tags" is "New Buyer" then click "Add" at the bottom.

👉We will assign this rule the conversation "Form Registration Buyer" since that is the most common script for new buyers.

Click Submit - and you are done!

✔️ You can setup additional property fields, and tie them to conversation rules as needed!

Common Conversation Types and Their Related Scripts

New Buyer - Form Registration Buyer

New Seller - Form Registration Seller

Old Buyer - Lead Upload Buyer (conversations use past tense language)

Old Seller - Lead Upload Seller (conversations use past tense language)

Turning ON the Structurely HubSpot Activity Channel

👉 In order to see the Structurely conversations in your HubSpot Activity panel, you will need to enable it in the properties:

🎉 CONGRATULATIONS! You have now setup Structurely and HubSpot

🙋 If you face any issues setting these up shoot us a message via floating live chat bubble found in the bottom right of your Dashboard. Or you can send us a direct email at help@structurely.com! We are always happy to help!

Happy closings!
🚀 The Structurely Team

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