👋 Let's get your Structurely AI Assistant setup with your Homebase InTouch leads.

🌟 (TL;DR)🌟
You'll simply need create a filter in your Gmail account to forward your CRM lead notification emails to your first.last@structurely.me email (found in your Structurely dashboard)

Adding a Forwarding Address:

👉 Login to your Gmail account and click the "Gear" icon in the top right and select "Settings" 👇

👉 Click on the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab, then select the "Add a Forwarding Address" button 👇

👉 Enter your first.last@structurely.me email address in this box. 👇 (found in your Structurely dashboard)

👉 Click "Proceed" 👇

👉 Click "Ok" 👇

NOTE: We will need to confirm this step before you can move on the the next. Please shoot us a message via the floating live chat bubble in the bottom right and we will send your confirmation code asap ❗

👉 Enter your verification code provided by our help team and click "Verify" 👇

👉 Ensure that "Disable forwarding" is selected! 👇

Forwarding Emails to Structurely:

👉 Open Gmail and click on "Settings" - "All Settings" 👇

👉 Click on "Filters and Blocked Addresses" - "Create a New Filter" 👇

👉 Add the information seen below then click "Create Filter" 👇

👉 Select "forward to:" and select your Structurely email address you added 👇

👉 Click "Create Filter"

🎊 Congratulations! New lead notifications will now flow into Structurely!

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