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HubSpot + Structurely Integration Overview
HubSpot + Structurely Integration Overview

Connect your HubSpot + Structurely accounts to level up ✨

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πŸ‘‹ Let's connect your Structurely and HubSpot accounts!

  • Engage leads directly within HubSpot via Structurely

  • See the entire Structurely conversation in HubSpot

  • Take over from Structurely AI and respond yourself from HubSpot


You'll need a HubSpot account and a Structurely account.

You'll simply:

  • Log in to both of these accounts

  • Go to your Structurely settings and authenticate Structurely + your HubSpot account

  • Fine-tune the integration view within HubSpot

  • See all corresponding Structurely AI conversations in HubSpot

Table of Contents:

πŸ›‘ STOP πŸ›‘

Before moving forward you will need to create your Structurely account (if you haven't already). You can do so using THIS LINK.

1. Connect Structurely + HubSpot

Here's how to get setup:

πŸ‘‰ Login to your Structurely Account here

πŸ‘‰ While staying logged in with Structurely, log into your HubSpot account here

πŸ‘‰ Once logged into both accounts, navigate to your Structurely integrations page and toggle on the HubSpot option as shown πŸ‘‡

Click "Connect to HubSpot" on the pop-up window πŸ‘‡

You will be redirected to authenticate Structurely + HubSpot. Select the HubSpot account you wish to connect, then click "choose account" πŸ‘‡

Once this process is complete, you will be sent back to the Structurely Integrations page.


πŸ‘‰ Utilize custom fields within HubSpot?

If so, select "Map Custom Fields" to sync those HubSpot fields with the Structurely merge fields (known as slots). Be sure to hit "Add" after you input each pairing to save your progress! πŸ‘‡

2. Configure your HubSpot integration

πŸ‘‰ Visit "Connected Apps" within your HubSpot account setup menu and make sure that the Structurely Connect app has been installed πŸ‘‡

If not, you'll want to install that from the HubSpot App Marketplace (here) or by searching for "Structurely" πŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‰ Once the Structurely Connect app has been successfully installed, open a random contact (or create a test contact).

You'll want to access the "Actions" dropdown within the left-hand contact info panel and select "Customize Properties", then "Add properties"πŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‰ Search for "Structurely" and add these 3 properties to your view:

  1. Structurely AI Muted - allows you to filter by leads that are muted, so that you can effectively manage your lead flow.

  2. Structurely Stages - tells you how the lead is progressing through your sales funnel, e.g. responded / interested / needs follow up / not interested.

  3. Structurely Tag - tags initiate a lead's enrollment within Structurely.

πŸ‘‰ Return to the contact view and drag the Structurely widget in the right-hand panel to the top of the column πŸ‘‡

3. Learn how to enroll leads with Structurely

πŸ‘‰ There are 2 options for starting a Structurely conversation with an individual lead via the contact page: manual enrollment and tag-based enrollment.

To manually enroll, you will choose "Enroll Lead" under the "Actions" dropdown in the Structurely integration widget, then choose your desired conversation type* πŸ‘‡

You can also begin a conversation by applying a tag using the newly added Structurely Tag property in the left-hand panel; scroll or search to find the desired conversation type/tag* πŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‰ For bulk enrollment, you will chose which individuals to enroll with Structurely using the Structurely Tag. Select them using the checkbox on the left of the "Contacts" overview page πŸ‘‡

Click "Edit" and search for the "Structurely Tag" property, then select the desired conversation type/tag* and be sure to hit "Update"πŸ‘‡

*these conversation types / tags encompass all of the combined use cases across Structurely's different domains, including real estate, mortgage, home services, insurance and more. The list is fairly extensive - if you have questions about particular use cases or types, we do have additional help docs available.

⚠️ Warning - we do NOT recommend bulk enrolling your entire contact list at once (unless it is a very small list). ⚠️

Doing so may result in an overwhelming number of follow up notifications flooding the agent as Structurely's AI assistant qualifies those leads simultaneously (and passes along various questions that are too in-depth to be handled automatically).

4. Real-time conversation activity + updates

πŸ‘‰ To see Structurely's timestamped messaging activity: Go to a HubSpot contact, click "Filter activity" within the "Activities" tab and toggle on "Structurely Connect" within the integrations section πŸ‘‡

You will now be able to see when Structurely has successfully enrolled a contact - and when a SMS text and/or Email is sent / received within your activity log πŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‰ View the actual progress of a conversation via the "View Lead" option under the "Actions" dropdown within the Structurely integration:

All info gathered by your AI Assistant can be found within the "Details" tab, though a brief summary will show from the contact page view. πŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‰ You can take over conversations within HubSpot at any time by manually responding or muting your AI assistant - just scroll to the bottom of the Conversation Details tab to see these options.

( read more about muting your AI Assistant here )

🎊 You've just integrated Structurely + HubSpot, let's celebrate! 🎊

Questions, comments, concerns? Let us help!

Reach out to us directly at and we will get back to you!

- πŸš€ The Structurely Team

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