đź‘‹ Here at Structurely, we understand the how important the value we provide for our users is. Now, we want to show you the value you are receiving!

Introducing Lead Reporting!

👉When you login to your HomeChat account, you will now see a new tab to the left, go ahead and click on it👇

👉Now you will see all of your metrics in one place👇

👉You can choose to filter metrics by a specific agent👇

👉You can also filter by a specific date range👇

👉Filtering by a specific date range will also tell you the % increase or % decrease of your metrics during the given time frame👇

👉Understanding the metrics👇

  • Engagement Rate: The percentage of leads who have responded to Aisa

  • # of Messages Sent: The amount of texts we have sent to all your leads

  • # of Messages Before Response: The amount of texts Aisa sends before getting a response from your leads (average)

  • Agent Ready, Agent Engaged: The number of leads who were categorized as being agent ready and were then engaged by the agent in Structurely

  • Total Leads: The number of leads in your account

  • Engaged: The number of leads who have responded to Aisa

  • Need Agent Follow Up: The number of leads who have been categorized as agent ready and need an agent to follow up

  • Appointments Requested: The number of leads who have requested an appointment

  • Agent Engaged: The number of leads that have been engaged by an agent in Structurely

👉Understanding Pipeline Influenced👇

When qualifying your leads Aisa will ask the lead what their price range is. Their answer will determine your pipeline.

If a lead give a range of numbers, we will use the highest number to add to the pipeline.

If a lead does not give us a price, we will use the average selling price you provided in your Account Settings

The way we calculate your Pipeline Influenced is by taking the sum of the prices provided by your leads and we add in the missing prices (if a lead did not provide us with a price) using your average price from your settings to get your Pipeline Influenced

Example 1: If 1 lead gives us a price range of $200,000-$300,000, another lead gives us a price of $450,000, and another lead does not give us a price. Let's then assume the average price in your account settings was $350,000. We would add $300,000+$450,000+$350,000= $1,100,000. This is now your pipeline influenced.

Example 2: If 5/6 leads tell us their prices, which add up to $1,000,000, and 1 lead does not tell us a price (and you have an Average Selling Price of $500,000 in your account settings). The Pipeline Influenced for those 6 leads would be $1,500,000.

🎊There is no action needed to turn this feature on! It's already built in!

If you have any questions you can send an email to help@structurely.com and I'll get back to you!

Happy closings!

  • 🚀 The Structurely Team

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