👋  Let's connect your BoomTown + Structurely accounts

🌟 (TL;DR)🌟
Create a RealSynch Account, then follow the instructions to connect your BoomTown and Structurely accounts.

❗ You will need a Real Synch Account to continue ❗
Create an account here 

👉  Login to your RealSynch Account here

👉  Click "New Synch"👇 

👉  Select BoomTown as the source👇 

👉  Select Structurely as the target👇 

👉  Connect the 2 accounts by following their individual instructions👇 

👉  NOTE ❗ you will need to follow the directions to setup your Structurely <> BoomTown synch before this - use this guide👇 

❗ Use the same API token that should already be in your Structurely account, after you've followed the guide linked to above ❗ 

👉  Select "Source options"👇 

👉  Select "Source options"👇 

👉  NOTE ❗ If you'd like to enroll all leads into Structurely manually, aka not automatically enrolled when they register, turn off the "new registration" toggle 👇

👉  Activate the Synch 👇

👉  Go into your BoomTown account and select "add tag"👇

👉  Create and add the tag you created in the RealSynch step👇

How will it work?

Once Active, pick a lead in your BoomTown account.

❗ Make sure you follow the Structurely to BoomTown RealSynch instructions first, if you haven't already ❗ 

Add the custom tag you created in this guide to your contact.

The lead should begin to get engaged by Structurely.

And better yet, the messages will be synched directly to that lead's BoomTown profile as well!


Send an email to help@structurely.com and I'll get back to you!

Happy closings!

🚀 The Structurely Team

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