Custom scripts are applied to leads based on their Lead Type and Contact source. You can customize the first message you send out, the questions and answers (qualifiers), responses and more!

*You can always duplicate a script, and customize it that way, rather than building an entirely new custom script from scratch

Setting up your Custom Script

👉  Create a new Custom Script by clicking "Create custom script" from your scripts list page👇 

👉  A pop-up will appear with your new Custom Script settings. Start giving your script a unique name.👇 

👉  Next, select the Lead Type which you'd like this script to apply to.👇 

💡 What is a Lead Type?
Lead types are what Structurely uses to determine which script to apply to which lead. (Along with Contact Source)

There are 5 lead types: Buyer, Buyer specific, Seller, Renter, Renter Specific.

Buyer and Renter are used when a lead is generally interested in doing one of those things, but NOT interested in 1 specific property to buy or rent.

Buyer Specific and Renter Specific are used when a lead is interested in buying or renting a specific property.

Sellers are a lead interested in selling their own property.

(Read more about lead types here)


👉  Now, select the Contact Source where the types of leads you'd like to apply this script to are coming from👇 

💡 What is a Contact Source?
Contact Sources are what Structurely uses to determine which script to apply to which lead. (Along with Lead Type)

There are 3 lead types: Form Registration, Lead Upload, Direct Message

Form Registration: When a lead comes to Structurely via your CRM, a direct lead source like Zillow, or your website form registration. (Likely the most common)

Lead Upload: A list of old or existing leads you've provided to Structurely to engage

Direct Message: Used for Live Chat leads (provided by Structurely) or if a lead directly messages your Structurely provided phone number

(Read more about Contact Sources here)


Managing Custom Scripts

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