Introductions are the first message your Structurely AI Assistant will send your lead.

*Introductions are optional, if you'd like to not utilize and introduction simply leave it blank like above

New Blank Custom Script

👉  When creating a new custom script, your builder will look like below. By default, your new custom script WILL NOT come with an Introduction👇 

👉  As soon as you click "Add Introduction" the Side Panel Editor will open👇 

👉  You will see a "Default" Message - you must ALWAYS have at least 1 default message in your Introduction (see more about the Side Panel rules here) 👇 

👉Introductions can have Conditions. Add a Condition, or Group by clicking "Add Condition"   👇 

💡 What is an Introduction Condition?
Imagine a lead fills out a form and says "I'd like to purchase a vacant lot"

You'd want to your first intro message to reference they are looking for vacant land. So you'd add a Condition of Property Type is Vacant Land

👉Now that you have added a Condition to your Introduction, you can add the actual message you'd like to send. To do so, click "Add Variation"   👇 

👉Write the message you want to send in the Variation field. You can add Merge Fields using the { } icon. If you'd like to add more than 1 variation of your Introduction Message click "Add Variation"   👇 

💡 Why would I add more than 1 Variation?
When you add multiple Variations, your Structurely AI Assistant will pick the one with the most Merge Fields she can use to send to the lead. Otherwise, the Variation that is sent is picked at random.

Read more about Variations here

👉Want to add a DIFFERENT Introduction if a lead says something else in their first message? Click "Add Message"  👇 

👉Now you're editing a new Introduction Message Default, with no Conditions or Variations. And you can see the first Message you made below.  👇 

💡 Why make more than 1 message?
Adding multiple Messages allows you to customize multiple ways to respond to your leads based on Conditions. 

For example: In the above scenario you already have 1 Message for Vacant Land buyers. You could now add a 2nd Message for Mobile Home buyers.

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