Responses are a message sent to a lead that can have Conditions. 

❗ ❗ ❗ (DO NOT ask a question using Responses) ❗ ❗ ❗ 

Editing a new Response

👉  After adding a new Response, there will be no Messages. So you will need to click "Add Message"👇 

👉  You've now created a DEFAULT Response message. Which means, it MUST have NO Conditions. Click "Add Variation" to type your message👇 

👉  Write your Variation for your Default Response👇

💡 What is a Default Response?
Default Responses are Responses without any condition defined. A Condition is simply something we know about the lead (like financing status, or price range)

You want to keep your Default Response messages very generalized to make sure the conversation for MOST of your leads flows nicely since these messages will apply to nearly every lead in that script 


Adding a Conditional Response

👉  Now that you have a Default Response defined, let's create a Conditional Response. Click "Add Message" to start creating your new Response👇

👉  Click "Add Condition" to start defining your group of Conditions you want to create a response for👇

👉  In this example, we create 4 Conditions - Price and Location and Beds and Baths HAS ANY VALUE. 

*What we're doing with this condition is saying "any lead who has told us all their search preferences (price, location, beds, baths) we want to respond to in a certain way


💡 What is a Condition?
A Condition is something we know about the lead.

Once we know that thing about the lead, we can then add it to a message, and write a custom message to tailor our response to them specifically.


👉  Now click "Add Variation" to actually define your message for this Conditional Response👇

👉  Write your actual message in the Variation #1 field. You can use Merge Fields using the { } icon to add live data from your lead to the message👇

👉  Click Save Changes to save your Conditional Response. Otherwise, you can continue adding more Variations to your Messages, or create more Messages all together👇

🎊 WOOOOO, you just created a new Response with a Default and Conditional Message 🎊 

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