Contact Sources are where a lead originally comes from. There are 3 types: Form Registration, Lead Upload and Direct Message. You can filter and create scripts using Contact Source, which will help us determine which script to use on which leads.

*Contact Source PLUS Lead Source are what are used to determine which script to apply to which leads

Overview of Contact Sources


πŸ’‘ Β How are Contact Sources determined?

Structurely will ALWAYS determine the contact source for you. The rules for which we define the sources are listed below.


  • Form Registration:
    A lead who comes in through your CRM, one of your lead providers or your website. These are the Zillow, BoomTown, Facebook leads, etc (see full list of supported lead sources here)

  • Direct Message:
    A lead who messages you via the Structurely Live Chat, or texts your Structurely phone number directly (not via a form or online registration)

  • Lead Upload:
    An old or existing lead from a list that was provided to Structurely to upload

Creating a Script using Contact Source

πŸ‘‰ Β When creating a new Script, you MUST select a Contact Source. This will be what determines which leads to apply this new script you are creating to.πŸ‘‡Β 

Filtering Scripts by Contact Source

πŸ‘‰ Β Filter your list of Custom and Default Scripts using Contact Source in scripts list page (shown below is filtering all scripts by FORM REGISTRATION Contact Source)πŸ‘‡Β 

🎊 WOOOOO, you now understand contact sources! Which are what determine which scripts to use with which leads 🎊 

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