👋  Let's catch a webhook from Structurely

🌟 (TL;DR)🌟
You'll need a Zapier account and a Structurely account - and it'll help to know how to write code (Python will be used in this documentation)

Watch how to setup the Structurely + CINC integration through Zapier using this video

👉  Go to your Zapier account and click "Make a New Zap"


👉  Search and select the "Webhooks" Zapier Trigger 👇 

👉  Select "Catch Hook" for your Trigger Step 👇 

👉  Zapier will provide you a custom URL - click "Copy" 👇 

❗ NOTE: You will need to send the Structurely Team this unique URL - you can do so through the live chat❗ 

👉  Click "OK, I did this" after you've sent the URL to the Structurely team 👆 

👉  Structurely will send a test message through to your Structurely account - when they do that, go to the "Pull in Samples" tab and click "See More Samples" - you will see the latest message Structurely sent through as a test. Then click that sample (likely will be Sample A) and click "Continue"👇



👉  Search and Select "Code" for your Action step 👇 

👉  Select the type of code you will run - for this example, we will be choosing the "Run Python" - then click "Continue"👇 

👉  Add and copy the names for the following fields👇 

👉  Use the following fields to populate the values in the step above (this is what's highlighted in green above)👇 

👉  Add the following code to the code field👇


def parse_value(data):
        return eval(data)
        return data.strip()

def parse_list(data):
    values = []
    current_value = {}

    for line in data.split('\n'):
        if ':' not in line:

        key, value = line.split(':', 1)

        if key in current_value:
            current_value = {}

        current_value[key] = parse_value(value)


    return values

name = input_data['name']
email = input_data['email']
devices = parse_list(input_data['devices'])
messages = parse_list(input_data['messages'])

return {
    'name': name,
    'email': email,
    'phoneNumber': devices[0]['info']['phoneNumber'],
    'messageText': messages[0]['text']

👉  After you've added the above code, click "Continue" 👆 

👉  Click "Test this step"  - you should get results that look similar to below 👇 


👉  Now, search and select Commissions INC Zapier app for this Action step and click Continue👇 

👉  Select the "Add Note" action. Click Continue 👇 

👉  Connect your CINC Account (Note, you may need to use this CINC help doc to learn how to integrate your CINC account with Zapier 👇

👉  Now, in the "Edit Template" step -- under the "Email" field, add the lead's email. You must click the add icon on the right hand side of the box to search for data, find and click the "Email" field in the Run Python step 👇 

👉In the "Notes" field, add the lead's message. You must click the add icon on the right hand side of the box to search for data, find and click the "Message Text" field in the Run Python step 👇


👉Now, in the Test This Step, step you can either send the test lead to CINC or click Finish 👇

🎊 Congrats! Now every time Structurely AI Assistant, an agent or the lead responds in your Structurely HomeChat, that message will be added as a note in the Lead Profile of that same lead in CINC (as shown below)

If you have any questions setting up this process reach out to help@structurely.com

Happy closings!
🚀 The Structurely Team

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