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The revolutionary way Structurely sends Smart Drips to your unresponsive leads πŸš€

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Structurely AI Assistant will now re-engage leads that have responded one or more times πŸš€Β 

Have you ever had a lead respond to a drip message, then fall off the face of the Earth?Β 

It happens a lot, and now Structurely AI Assistant can take advantage of it's AI to send a follow-up message 24 hours after a lead doesn't respond, then again 4 days later.
Here's what a Re-Drip would look like:

Structurely AI Assistant will send the first Re-Drip 1 day later, then again 4 days after that if the lead is un-responsive.

Here's an example Re-Drip for a lead that didn't respond to the Roof Type Qualification Question

1 Day after no response to qualification question

{first name} - didn't hear back from you yesterday, what type of roof did you have in mind?

4 Days after no response to qualification question

Hey again {first name}, just want to make sure we're all on the same page - what is your preferred roofing material?

❗ NOTE: Each Re-Drip message is specific to the last question that was asked the lead didn't respond to (it's super smart that way) ❗ 

We're already seeing higher engagement rates with these intelligent Re-Drips πŸ“ˆ
πŸš€ The Structurely Team

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